3 Innovative Surveillance Systems for Homes

The world of technology advances at the speed of light. Security systems evolve, offering extra security to homes. Latest generation surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, and smart locks are among the best inventions of the recent years.

Surveillance Methods to Keep Your Home Safe

  1. Surveillance cameras

Maybe camera sounds like an old tool, but it’s not. Nowadays, there are innovative surveillance cameras that provide extra security to the house. These provide the maximum resolution that can help identify any detail of the person who tries to enter your house. What’s more, we can get these images to our phones now.

IP cameras are one of the most cutting-edge models in terms of security locks and surveillance of homes. What novelty do they incorporate? The software they use, and the amount of information that can be extracted from them. The latter is possible thanks to image storage systems. These cameras also have very modern infrared systems to ensure that the device works correctly even if there are very adverse weather conditions.

  1. Smart bells

Another system of extra security for a home is the smart bells. They allow you to monitor your door. That is, you can track the exterior of your home whether you are inside or outside it. Virtually all market models offer similar characteristics. We can see who is outside our home at the time they ring the bell and even talk to the person who rings the bell, even if you are not in your own home. It is not difficult to imagine the peace of mind offered to someone who has these smart bells.

They also incorporate infrared systems that allow you to see in the dark with all kinds of details. Smart bells capture photographs. The most modern systems include a 180-degree view to give a broad and real perspective of the exterior of the house. In addition to all these advantages, its installation is quite simple.

  1. Smart locks

Another of the elements that have gained popularity over the years is the smart locks. They do have a visual appeal and an innovative character that give a modern and fresh designer look to the home. But they also have other important functions. These devices allow us to see people who are outside our house on our smartphone, among other things.

Nowadays, there are very varied models that can adapt to any type of need. Of course, they all meet two requirements: their installation is simple, and their functionality is very practical. Not to mention the extra security granted to those who live in the apartment or house, with the consequent peace of mind of having their home under control at all times.

The most recent models of smart locks allow you to open the door just by bringing your mobile phone close to it. You can open the door without having a set of keys. There are other models that allow the door to be opened with a security PIN, with fingerprints or through the use of a radiofrequency card.